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Who is this for?
We built Swipehouse Brands as a way for brands to get on TikTok. We've worked with soft goods, food, software, crypto, compliance, game, and almost every other category of company.
What does the process look like?
To get started with Swipehouse, first create your account. Once you have an account, you can create a campaign. Add details like how you want your product to be filmed, or whether you're shipping product. Once you submit your campaign, we will review it and then post it in Swipehouse for creators to apply to. We will notify you when your campaign is posted.

Creators will then see your deal and apply to film with you. You can then go through their profiles and decide who you want to film with, messaging them with any questions. There is no minimum or maximum amount of creators you need to film with— we just ask that you take action on everyone, promptly accepting or rejecting them.

Once you accept them to film, they'll be notified in their app that they have been selected and are given around a week or two to film. You'll want to send a message to those you've approved to make sure you're aligned on how the video should look. You will be notified when they upload their video. If they do not upload a video, you do not have to pay them.

Once you receive the video, you can request some revisions. If you don't like the video after the creator made the revisions, you are still required to pay them, mostly out of respect for their time— make sure you start with creators you're excited about. If you did a 'post campaign,' you now can give them the ok to post. Once you approve their video, your card will be charged and they will be paid through Stripe. After the creator films, you can use the video on different platforms, it is yours.
What are my options for campaigns?
Our two main campaigns we offer right now are User Generated Content (UGC) or Post campaigns. In UGC campaigns, the creator will film the content but not post it to TikTok. We see a lot of brands use this campaign type to get content for ads on Instagram or Facebook. For example, Ridge Wallet used this type of campaign to get over a hundred high quality UGC videos for their Facebook ad campaigns. This is a great option when you don't necessarily want to be in front of a specific creators' audience but still want content from them. The other main type of campaign we offer is the Post campaign. This is probably what people think of first when they think of influencer campaigns. How this works is the creator will film the content, then post the content on their channel. You'll also be able to use the video they submit on other platforms, e.g. for Facebook ads.

We also have a third, experimental campaign type, which is performance-based / Install campaigns. With these, you only pay when a creator drives an install or similar conversion event. We recommend starting with Post or UGC campaigns, but you are welcome to also create an Install campaign in our dashboard, and email us with how you'd like to track the conversions per-influencer.
How many creators do you have?
We have around 20,000 creators, with many of the biggest names on TikTok.
How does pricing work?
The only time you pay with Swipehouse is when you approve a creator and have them make you a video. In all cases, you set your own price per video. That said, to get your deal approved and have it be competitive, we presently recommend putting down a price of $130 for UGC videos and a $135 base price for post videos. With post campaigns, you pay a base price plus a follower adjustment. This is so that we can make a deal attractive whether you have 100k followers or you're a smaller creator. Right now we charge $2/20k followers, and an additional $1/20k followers if "link in bio" is requested. This means that in a post campaign, you would pay $4 more for a creator with 100k followers than one with 60k followers, or $6 if you also require them to keep a link in their bio for a few days. You can also negotiate individual prices with creators after they apply for your deal. Of the amount you pay, 80% goes to the creator, the rest is used to cover transaction fees and keep the platform running. If you move your payments off-platform, we may stop your campaigns and block you from creating new ones, as well as block the creator from being able to apply for future deals.
What can I expect for outcome?
TikTok is famous for making things go viral. With that virality, however, comes variability. How good your video does on TikTok is both a mix of your product's TikTok fit and the quality of the video. We've seen outcomes from duds to 1,000,000+ installs. With that in mind, we set Swipehouse up where it's easy for brands to experiment both in pricing and TikTok content.
Who have you worked with?
We've worked with over 100 companies getting their TikTok campaigns approved. Across these companies, we see over 30% launch additional campaigns with increased budgets.
Once I submit my campaign for reviewal, how long does it take?
As we have a backlog of companies wanting to run deals with us, it usually takes one to two weeks to get a certain deal approved.
What tracking do you provide?
We are one of the first companies approved to use the TikTok API and are an official TikTok partner. That said, the API doesn't presently provide more in depth analytics than that what is publicly listed on TikTok (likes, shares, etc). What we suggest if you want more in depth tracking is after a creator posts a video, have them send a screenshot of their analytics from that post via our dashboard.
What are some good tips for TikTok advertising in general?
A good strategy for TikTok or influencer marketing in general is first try to reach out directly to the creators you had in mind via Instagram. Ideal creators are ones that have a following built around the category you're going after. What we found doing this is that managing a couple creators and getting that content soon becomes a full time job in itself. We also found that we didn't know what we didn't know. A lot of creators weren't interested in filming a campaign or were out of price point. We built Swipehouse as a way to make this entire process easier. Because creators apply to the deal you put out at the price point you offered, there's no second-guessing. And because we automated a lot of the usual back-and-forth into our dashboard, we've made managing anything from a 5 to 400 person campaign easy.

Another tip is that the best ads don't feel like ads but discoveries. If you can make the ad feel authentic or something that a creator actually connects with, you're in an amazing place. The metric we've found that matters most with Tiktok is shares.
I have further questions, whom should I talk to? 🏄
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Or, just launch into creating a campaign :) our dashboard will guide you through the process.
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